The first step in strategically implementing habitat conservation is to determine priority species and develop population objectives for those species; this ultimately tells us how much habitat is needed to sustain bird population at goal levels. The NGPJV has identified the following priority species from which to base conservation planning.   NGPJV_Priority_Birds_Report__2012_v2.pdf>

Waterfowl Shorebirds Waterbirds  Landbirds
 Mallard  Long-billed Curlew  Marbled Godwit  Baird’s sparrow
 Northern Pintail  Upland Sandpiper    Black-billed cuckoo
  Wilson’s phalarope    Black-billed magpie
       Brewer’s sparrow
      Burrowing owl
      Chestnut-c. Longspur
      Ferruginous hawk
      Golden eagle
      Grasshopper sparrow
      Greater Sage-grouse
      Lark Bunting
      loggerhead shrike
      McCown’s longspur
      Mountain plover
      Red-headed woodpecker
      Sharp-tailed grouse
       Short-eared owl
       Spotted towhee
       Sprague’s pipit
       Swainson’s hawk
       Wild turkey